Thursday Thoughts on Over the Knee Boots

Every season, I have a staple piece. Either a bag I always wear, or some shoes I never seem to take off. This season, I’ve been putting my best foot forward in these gorgeous suede black OTK boots.  I have been wearing them constantly and love how comfortable they feel.

I thought the over-the-knee boots would just be a passing phase when they first came out, but now I cannot imagine my closet without them.  I love wearing my  OTK boots with my favorite pair of skinny jeans.

Do you  have anything you wear every fall/winter season? Let me know below and have a great Thursday!




Happy National Hat Day

January 15th is National Hat Day. Although no one knows for sure its no doubt that National Hat Day was created by a hat loving individual.  As far back as I can remember my love for hats began when I was about 5 years old. When I look back at my childhood with great affection I remember with gratitude, my impeccably dressed and groomed grandfather in his full formal attire: London fog trench coat, formal trousers, crisply ironed shirt with a wing tip collar, cuff links, silk socks, black leather shoes and of course his fedora which sat on his perfectly combed head of hair.

My grandfather was a man of great dignity and reserve. He belonged to a world of formal manners and strict rules of behavior. He was handsome, debonair and dapper. No one had more swag or was cooler than this man that I adored with all my heart. But that was only one part of my grandfather’s character. He was also the kindest, most generous person I have ever known and when he let me try on his favorite hat I felt like a star.

Hats continue to do that, they instantly make you or any outfit more sophisticated. It gives you that celebrity vibe.

This season hats are everywhere. From floppy, wide brimmed hats, berets, scally cap and fedoras, all the way to beanies or knit caps better known as toque hats in Canada.

The Beanie is definitely having its time in the spotlight right now. You can either go for simple styles in basic colors, or have fun with the infinite number of designs, colors, beads, appliques, faux fur, sequins, studs and even veils.

The fedora will always be my star accessory but there are plenty of styles to choose from and you can play whatever character you wish from effortless Parisian girl to posh socialite. So whatever your fancy throw on a hat this weekend and enjoy!

Photo Credit: Andrew Swaine

Coats to get you Winter Ready

With winter weather in full blast,  getting dressed is no easy feat when the aim is to stay warm and look cool. Do you have the right coat to stay warm and stylish? Here are my top 5 coat picks to inspire you and get you winter ready.

My number one go to coat when temps start to drop is this military styled full length parka. It’s lightweight and keeps me warm without all the bulk. Unfortunately this parka is sold out however I have some other great suggestions on my shop page.

Beat the winter blues by going faux-fur crazy with fun colors or funky prints. This season I have to admit I am loving my candy colored faux-fur jacket.  It has a more  casual, rock-and-roll vibe with a little streetwise attitude than longer coats and it really looks great with jeans.

Sitting pretty in pink.  Who says you can’t mix a pop of color with a little pattern play?

Check mate!

This great looking double-breasted peacoat from Tommy Hilfiger is the perfect grab and go jacket for every woman. Made from a wool and polyester blend, this great pea coat hits just below the hips for a little better protection.

The classic women’s peacoat never seems to go out of style. Slightly dressy, completely playful.

Winter is all about your outerwear. Remember, sometimes all it takes is some bold colors  to spice up a winter wardrobe. Happy shopping.