Hello Lovelies

I’m Nikki Andrew. Nikki Living Life highlights my everyday style and adventures as a wifey and fashionista. The act of writing has always been a cathartic one for me and I found blogging to be a powerful tool. I started to blog as a way to learn to enjoy the little things and share the beauty of everyday life in the hope of spreading some love, joy and inspiration. That is how Nikki Living Life 2.0 got its name and its start.

I was born and raised in South Africa.  However, I currently live in  Massachusetts with my husband Andrew who takes all the beautiful photographs for my blog.  Andrew’s photographs have allowed me to tell an ongoing narrative of my evolving personal style.  He is my inspiration and I could not have started this adventure without him.

I am blessed with everything I need. I am working hard towards everything I want. And most of all I appreciate and I am thankful for all that I have.

I am especially thankful to every one who stops by. So,  please reach out to me with style questions, comments, or just a simple hello to introduce yourself. My little space on the Internet would not be possible without you.