Quarantine Life Update

Hello Lovelies💕  It’s been a while since my last post. I just wanted to reach out and let you know that I am thinking of you all and hope you are doing well during this challenging time. 

Like everyone I am learning to find ways to fill my days and make the best of this unexpected time at home. The last two weeks have been a roller coaster of emotions but I feel blessed to have my husband Andrew by my side. This is what I have been up to for the last 2 week.

Some days have been productive and I am able to successfully check off things on my to do list.  On other days I struggle with not having something to do with my day.  I am learning how to exist without having to constantly do something tangible. I have to remind myself that it is okay to just curl up in bed and take a nap or just sit still and meditate for 20 minutes. 

As you know Andy and I love to cook. Jamming out and dancing around the kitchen with Andy while cooking or baking always brings me joy.  It’s the perfect way to turn your brain off.  So we have been doing a lot of cooking and baking. 😄 What are some of the things you’re doing to keep busy?

Thanks to technology we have been able to face time and keep in touch with loved ones.  My first work video conference call was quiet the experience.  Here is actual footage of the video meeting. 

As we try to navigate our way through this time we all have to remember to be gentle with ourselves and try to start each day in a positive way. I love this poem by Be Inspired to Be.

Thinking of my brother who is on the front lines and saying a prayer everyday for all our families who may have first responders or essential personnel serving our communities. Wishing for your safety and health.

And lastly, remember to wash your hands. Take care of yourself and each other. Be well. ❤️

Love at First Bite!

Everyone knows that the way to a person’s heart is through the stomach.  So, if you’re looking for a way to spoil your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day, you have to start in the morning with this adorable breakfast idea.  This will set the romantic tone for the day leading to your evening plans. 

To make these heart shaped pancakes, I simply used a set of silicone heart egg/pancake rings from Amazon. You don’t have to limit yourself to heart shaped pancakes. You can also use alphabet cookie cutters to carve out a sweet message. The easiest way to make them is to cook your pancakes first and then cut the letters out of the fully cooked pancakes instead of pouring batter directly into the cookie cutter. The edges will be smoother this way.

You can make your pancake batter from scratch if you have a recipe you love, but boxed pancake mix works just as well. I love this Trader Joe’s Buttermilk Protein Pancake mix. For an extra special touch, garnished pancakes with Nutella and strawberries.

Are you going to give this idea a try? It will be love at first bite!

Photo Credit: Andrew Swaine

2 Pieces You Need to Mix & Match for the Perfect Winter Work Wardrobe

After an amazing break, it’s back to the grind and getting dressed lately for work every day has proven to be a bit of a personal challenge for me. I decided to look for a street style tailored set that could incorporate all of the winter basics I already have in my closet. If you can relate, then you’re going to love this two piece tailored blazer and pants set from H&M as much as I do.

Styling these 2 pieces with basic layering turtlenecks and mixing and matching with faux leather pants and ankle boots has proven to be the perfect winter work wardrobe for me. 

No matter what kind of dress code your office requires, there is sure to be at least one look out of the 3 below that will resonate with you. Do you find mixing and matching tailored sets easier as well? What are your tips for getting out of a style rut dressing for work? Looking forward to reading your comments.

Photo Credit: Andrew Swaine

Goodbye 2019, Hello 2020

I hope you all are enjoying the holiday season and making beautiful memories to treasure for all times. I can’t believe that in a few short days we will be welcoming in the New Year. 2019 was a year full of ups and downs, wins and heartbreaking losses. As I reflect on this year,  I would like to thank you for all the love and support  you’ve generously given me.   Andy and I appreciate you all so much. We wish you an amazing 2020. Go confidently in the direction of your dreams and live the life you have imagined.

P.S Hope you enjoy my round up of all my favorite posts of 2019. Click on pic title for full post.

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Photo Credit: Andrew Swaine

4 Reasons You Need a Teddy Coat!!!

Still Fall but starting to feel like winter, which means it is time to get your coats on rotation! So, I pulled out my ultra shaggy, soft faux fur teddy bear coat from last fall, which seems to be “the it jacket” this season too.  I was shopping with my hubby when I picked out this coat and he immediately said, “Oh, no!” But I am glad I decided to give it a try. Trust me when I say that you need one of these teddy coats in your winter wardrobe and here are my four reasons why.

1. Versatile

Teddy bear coats come in all different shapes, lengths, silhouettes and colors and can be dressed up or down. A good teddy coat will elevate any basic outfit. From jeans and a tee to leggings and an oversized hoodie.  For my look, I let the fuzz steal the show by pairing it with snake print jeans of a similar color, and a black turtle neck tee. 

2. Warm and Stylish

It’s easy, chic, feels like you’re wrapped in a blanket yet it looks straight off of a runway in New York. Wear it and you’ll be too busy fielding compliments to even notice the chilly temps.

3. Many Price Points

It’s hard to find fault with a Teddy Bear coat from Max Mara, which rings in at a whopping $3,590. But, if its not in your budget right now look for those Black Friday deals.  Below are my top 5 affordable picks.

4.  It’s Fun

It will definitely remind you of your favorite cuddly stuffed teddy bear once you put this coat on.  Don’t be surprised if you get more hugs than usual. I am always up for a good hug.

Photo Credit: Andrew Swaine

If you’re thinking of investing in a teddy bear coat now, here are my top five affordable picks:

  1. Camel Petite Oversized Hooded Teddy Coat by Boohoo $50.40
  2. Black Premium Teddy Faux Fur Longline Coat by Boohoo $58.80
  3. Brown Long Pile Coat by H&M $99.00
  4. Midi Red Teddy Coat by Na-kd Fashion $118.95
  5. Beige Faux Shearling Teddy Coat by Other Stories $179.00

3 Styling Tricks For Fall!

Not everyone can go and purchase a completely new wardrobe every time the seasons change, but there are ways to get out of a style slump without spending your entire paycheck on new clothes. Here are 3 ways you can revamp old pieces with new shoes and accessories. 

  1. Plaid You Are Here! Not sure how to coordinate your plaid with other pieces in your wardrobe? Start with a piece in black and white and add a pop of fall color. Mix and Match your plaid pieces, add a bit of glam with jewelry, bold lips, and a bit of effortlessness with natural looking hair.

2. Floral Print Pick a floral print that is darker and moodier than the ones you’ve been wearing in the spring and summer. And it’s not just limited to dresses, but there are also tons of shirts, pants, skirts, accessories, and shoes all bringing in the floral print in different ways to the season.

3. Add a pop of color! A pop of color is just fun. I just love how red adds just the right amount of razzmatazz to all of these looks.  

Over time, having a few go-tos in your mind can turn into rotating outfits that re-define your entire style. What are your tips and trick to rework your fall closet?

Photo Credit: Andrew Swaine

Diwali Fashion

Diwali AKA festival of lights AKA Indian Christmas is celebrated every year during Autumn.  The festival symbolizes the spiritual “victory of light over darkness, good over evil and knowledge over ignorance”, and is practiced by Hindus, Jains, Sikhs and some Buddhists all over the world.

This festival is celebrated with family, friends, diyas, night long parties, music, gift giving, fireworks and of course copious amounts of food.  Dressing up during festivities has always been an unspoken ritual for all who celebrate Diwali. Diwali can last for about 5 days, which means every outfit for each day and ritual has to be meticulously planned ahead of time.  This year Diwali is being celebrated on Sunday October 27th however there is no time like the present to get started on your Diwali outfit/s. 

Do you have your Diwali outfit/s picked out?  Here are my four Bollywood inspired looks you can try this Diwali:

Look 1:

Nothing speaks sophistication like an elegantly draped saree. A simple embroidered saree with a top in a solid color can be complemented with a statement choker necklace, earrings and bangles.

Look: 2

A midriff baring crop top and lehenga skirt combo is sure to set the Diwali mood ablaze. It was love at first sight with this lacy duppata and ruffle lehenga skirt. With varying lengths and materials to choose from, this head-turning outfit can be paired with some statement jewelry.

Look 3:

For a dolled up glamorous look, black with gold embroidery never disappoints.  Paired with the right accessories and makeup you will be sure to light up the room. Luxury Palette by Charlotte Tilbury was used to achieve this sexy smoky eye look.

Look 4:

Looking to twirl your way onto the dance floor to your favorite Bollywood beats then this look is for you. Combine the traditional saree with a faux leather pants for the perfect Indo-Western party look.  The faux leather pants adds just enough modernity to revamp the traditional saree.


For an additional dash of swag, throw on a pair of sneakers and faux leather jacket into the mix and dance the night away in comfort and style.

Hope you feel inspired to try one of these looks. Peace, love and light to all!

Makeup By Renée Moschella

Photo Credit: Andrew Swaine

Hello Gourdgeous!

Fall is in the air, and pumpkin season is here!!! Just one scroll through your Instagram feed and it’s full of family, friends and celebs enjoying the outdoors, which of course includes the obligatory trip to the pumpkin patch.   I am a huge fan of all things pumpkin, especially the treats (who isn’t??).  I found 6 amazing new recipes that I can’t wait to try out this month. 

My fave has to be butternut squash soup that is why I tried this recipe first. I love the mild, sweet flavor and its packed with iron, vitamins A and C which we can all use 🙂

  1. Butternut Squash Soup

Recipe Via Savory On Line

Prep time 10 minutes

Cook Time 30 minutes

Serving: 4


1 medium butternut squash

1 medium yellow onion

3 cloves of garlic

1 jalapeno

3 tbsp olive oil

2 tsp ground cumin

1 tsp smoked paprika

1 qt vegetable broth

¼ cup pepitas (pumpkin seeds)


Preheat oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Trim and peel the butternut squash.  Halve the squash and with a spoon remove seeds.  Cut squash into 1inch chunks.  Peel and cut the onion into wedges. Peel garlic. Stem and cut jalapeno. 

On a large baking sheet, toss butternut squash, onion, garlic and jalapeno with oil, cumin, and paprika. Season with salt and pepper. Roast for 20-25 minutes, until squash is tender.

In a large pot, combine the roasted veggies with the broth. Heat to a simmer on high. Reduce heat and simmer 5 min. more. With immersion blender, puree soup until smooth. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Divide among 4 bowls and garnish with pepitas.  Serve with bread rolls. 

I can’t wait to try out the following recipes:

2. Leaf-Topped Mini Pumpkin Pies

Recipe via www.wilton.com

3. Pumpkin Cheesecake Cupcakes with Salted Caramel Sauce

Recipe via www.cookingclassy.com

4. Pumpkin Cream Cheese Crumb Cake

Recipe via www.yammiesnoshery.com

5. Pumpkin Donut Holes

Recipe via www.letseatcake.com

6. No Bake Paleo Vegan Pumpkin Balls (Trying this one today)

Recipe Via www.thebigmansworld.com

Fall Overalls

Happy first day of Autumn / Fall Lovelies🍁🍂 Although it does not feel like it in Boston today with temps in the eighties☀️

A few weeks ago I did a post on styling a slip dress that could easily transition from Summer to Fall with minimal effort. I found another laid-back denim Summer time favorite in my closet that can work in the Fall as well ~ Overalls. Yes, overalls can be an easy, go-to outfit that is paired with a simple tee and sandals. However, with the right layering overalls can just as easily be transitioned into the cool-weather season.

  • Striped Tee and Booties

It’s super easy to put together, and I always loves how stripes add a little bit of Parisian flare to any outfit.

  • With a plaid shirt and a Wide-Brim Hat

For the ultimate Fall look —overalls, a loose-fitting plaid shirt, and a wide-brim hat. Depends on the temps, overalls are perfect for layering. I started off wearing my plaid shirt in the morning, but as the got warmer I just tied the shirt around my waist. 

  • Under a Cardigan

For a dressy, yet casual look, overalls can be paired with a classic form fitting black top, cardigan and booties.

Finish off any of these overall ensembles with some stylish accessories (shoes, purse, jewelry) and you have yourself a look that’s effortless and fashionable.

What summer piece are you looking forward to transitioning to fall?

Photo Credit: Andrew Swaine

Below are a few more overall pieces you can transition into fall:

JC Penny Xersion Active Wear

With day light growing shorter, cooler temps and a hectic back to school schedule it is easy to get off track with workout goals.   The struggle is real but I am pushing on by having a positive mindset, a good playlist, trying out some fun routines and last but not least purchasing some cute active wear.  It is no secret, when you look good, you feel good and having the right clothes can truly boost your confidence and motivation to workout. 

But I think we can all agree that quality active wear can get really pricey.  So, I was pleasantly surprised when I visited JC Penny’s Active Wear Department. While JC Penney offers a great assortment of top brands like Adidas, Puma, New Balance and Nike, they also have their own active wear brand called Xersion.  I decided to purchase 2 sets over the summer to try out. I am impressed with my picks. Not only with the flattering cut and function but the reasonable price too.  Both the sets survived the multiple washing machine spins to hold their shape and color since its purchase. The leggings are super comfy and stylish.  The strappy bra has a very flattering fit and  combines attention to detail and functionality. What I love most about the bras is that it supports without being restrictive.

Have you tried the Xersion Active Wear brand?

What are some of the things you do to amp up your health goals?

Photo Credit: Andrew Swaine

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