Find Your Perfect Fit with Eshakti

Easy to wear and effortlessly feminine, nothing spells out chic like a perfectly tailored jumpsuit.  We know that purchasing a jumpsuit that fits your body perfectly is key to looking polished and put together.  But shopping for jumpsuits can sometimes be a little intimidating especially if you’re shopping on-line.  You don’t want to end up with a jumpsuit that makes you look shorter or wider than you are.

That’s when made-to-measure eShakti comes in.  eShakti tailors each individual garment to the customer’s size, body type and in some cases style preference. Buyers can get the kind of neckline, sleeve and length they require. Customers also have the option of changing some details to the garment, too, like a straighter silhouette or longer length.

This is my first garment from eShakti and I am so impressed with the quality and service I’ve received. I feel spoilt with the personalized touches and the fit is perfection. Have you tried eShakti? What was your experience? If you have not, you need to check them out.

It’s an incredible time right now where there’s a tremendous push for personalization in categories like food, jewelry and furniture so why not clothing. Every girl deserves the option of pockets at no cost? Have a wonderful week ahead Lovelies ?

*Sponsored by eShakti

Photo Credit: Andrew Swaine