Quarantini Cheese Plates

While some places are slowly returning back to the work force most of us are still facing daily challenges with working from home, homeschooling, staying healthy, maintaining connections with family and friends and more.   Today is Day 67 of sheltering in place for Andy and me but whose counting!!! We’ve come to embrace our new-found isolation with life’s little joys like 5pm quarantini cocktails and cheese plates. 

Unlike baking and cooking, you don’t need to follow a recipe to make a cheese plate. You don’t even really need to know anything about cooking. All you need is some cheeses, fruit, vegetables, nuts, crackers or bread, charcuterie, chutneys or jams.

While trying my hand at creating cheese plates I  learned when it comes to cheeses, having a variety of cheeses is key. Choose a mix of soft and hard cheeses, flavors, and milk types (cow, goat, or sheep’s milk cheese). Serve cheese at room temperature so take it out of the fridge and let it rest for 10 – 15 minutes.

Hope my cheese plates inspire you to make one for quarantine hours too.  Cheers to life’s little joys.  Take care and be well. ?

Music Credit:
Music Credit: Dave Matthew’s Band – Ants Marching
Music Credit: Toure Kunda