The Style Guide to Slip Dress

Hope you Lovelies had an awesome weekend. Andy and I spent part of the weekend chilling by the beach and the other half getting chores around the house done. It never seizes to amaze me at the amount of laundry the two of us can generate. .  Speaking of clothes I’ve started to notice bloggers and influencers start to post more Fall inspired fashion. Just when I feel like I’ve settled into my summer wardrobe, it seems like it’s already time to start thinking about next season. I would love to have one cohesive closet that worked all year round but we all know that that is not realistic.

However, I am not despairing because I have a few pieces in my closets that I can still rock in the Fall and I bet you do too.  One of the pieces I am talking about  is the slip dress. This leopard print midi dress has become my go to dress for these hot summer days. It looks chic solo with great accessories but it can also be easily transitioned from Summer to Fall where  I can make multiple styles work with minimal effort. The spaghetti-strapped slip dress is a perfect layering piece. It can be paired with a t-shirt or boxy pullover sweater when the temps drop. The slip dress can also be paired with a blazer for the office or a denim or leather jacket for a weekend look.

Although the notion of a seasonless wardrobe may not be realistic I think I maybe wearing this dress for more than one season. So, lovelies YAY or NAY to slip dresses? And which of these ways to wear them do you like the most? Let me know in the comments below!

Photo Credit:  Andrew Swaine

Below are a few more slip dresses to style for Summer & Fall: